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I want to make a coin or a patch

So, you have decided that you want to have a coin or patch made but you think its a bit of an intimidating process. Its really not. Just sit back, and let us walk you through the process. 


Put your ideas down on paper or maybe some digital art. What do I want to see on this coin or patch, do I want it round or a bit out of the box, what colors do i want to use? This is your jump off point. Now send these ideas to us at Coppergearcoins@gmail.com


You be assigned one of our designers who will work with you until you have the artwork that you want. Once we determine a basic design for your patch or coin, you will be given a rough estimate based on size, type, features and quantity. Sometimes this can be quick, sometimes it might take some back and forth with art to dial it in. That's ok, its free, no worries. 


You sign off on the design and we will give you a set price and you will be forwarded an invoice. Once the invoice is fulfilled, our shop will be sent the art and the process will be set in motion.


 If its a 3D coin, or PVC style patch, digital art of your mold will be forwarded to you and you will have a final chance to review and make any changes before the mold is cast. No changes can be made after this point. Don't worry, your design will be perfect! 


 The coin is manufactured. This part of the process takes approximately 4-5 weeks. After the coin is done, it is sent to us for final inspection and we send the coins out to you! Now you get to hand out the coins or patches and show your friends how awesome you are.